Unlimited experience of
medical and welfare VR


CEO Kensuke Joji was interviewed and the article was published(2021/12/16)

JOLLYGOOD+ is an all-in-one medical and welfare VR platform

The environment surrounding medical welfare is changing drastically and diversification is required in every aspect, such as team medicine, task shifting/sharing, regional comprehensive care systems, and medical welfare cooperation.

JOLLYGOOD+ is a comprehensive VR platform that provides a variety of "pluses" to corporations and workers in the medical welfare business.

JOLLYGOOD+ received Gold Award at the Japan Subuscription Business Association

JOLLYGOOD+ was awarded the Gold Award, the highest award in the newly established corporate category.
Based on the idea of “enriching people’s lives and increasing prosperity of companies”, JOLLYGOOD+ received high marks in all three categories of “value”, “solving problems”, and “convenience”.

Experience numerous varieties of VR contents

More than 300 VR contents of medical, social skill training, relaxation, and work experience

  • Medical VR

    Experience as if you are the surgeon

  • SST VR

    Experience as if you are the dialogue partner

  • Relaxation VR

    Experience a taste of the extraordinary

  • Work experience VR

    Experience as if you are working

VR is being used in various fields of education

Studies say that learning is faster and the learning retention rate is higher with VR

  • Medical VR

    Major update to academic meetings, sharing ‘experiences” with overseas countries

    The world’s first “Remote VR Interantional Medical Seminar” was held within the Japan Cardiovascular Society Annual Meeting. The seminar enabled the transfer of medical technologies between countries.

    40 VR headsets and 1 tablet used
  • Medical VR

    VR clinical training for 120 students

    A clinical training using VR was performed for 120 medical students at Nippon Medical School, where the students were able to simulate the movements of the supervising physician in VR, leading to active learning and a greater learning effect than in the past.

    30 VR headsets and 6 tablet used

    Social Skill Training under specialist supervision

    At Yusho Co., they have formed groups based on the balance of male to female ratio and the level of the users, and conducts social skill trainng 3 to 4 times a week.

    3 VR headsets and 1 tablet used
  • Relaxation VR

    Re-experience your favorite places in VR

    Tohoku Fukushi Kai, a social welfare corporation, had residents of Sendan no Sato to experience Beppu hot springs, the streets of Osaka, and the scenery on a bicycle with VR. It reminded them of their own experiences in the past, which led to active communication with the people around them and made the experience even more enjoyable than usual.

    5 VR headsets used

Case study of JOLLYGOOD+ across different fields

Medical VR SSTVR Work experience VR Relaxation VR
Medical field
Welfare field

Take your learning to the next level with JOLLYGOOD+'s live-action VR content

The easiest way to imitate others is to experience VR content.

  • Learning beyond the boundaries of medicine and welfare

    By experiencing lifesaving medicine and social skills training without separating the two, professionals will be able to think from a new, different perspective.

  • Accelerat learning in a lecture format

    A single tablet can control multiple VR headsets at once.
    It’s also possible to guide the users to gaze at specific parts of the screen, so that important points can be conveyed to the experiencer.

  • Quality to improve retention of learning

    All VR content pursues the perspective of the first-person-view, so much so that you feel as if you have become that person.



Created using Jolly Good's unique methods, JOLLYGOOD+ is a comprehensive VR platform specializing in digital health that allows users to experience VR content from the perspective of the people involved: any time, anywhere, as often as they like.

What are the possible payment methods?

Invoice payment. Month-end closing and next month-end payment applies for this services.

Can I use the VR headsets I already have?

No, you may not use the VR headsets you already have. Please use the VR headsets we send you.

What kind of environment is necessary for VR experience?

You will need internet (Wi-Fi), and iPad.

Can anyone see the VR contents for medical professionals?

Contents for medical professionals can only be viewed by medical professionals. When you sign in, you will be asked to declare whether you are a medical professional or not, and depending on your status, the VR contents you can view will change.